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Harness the Power of WordPress

We create WordPress tutorials so you can harness the power of the web. This list updates with every new tutorial we come out with, the day we come out with it.

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WordPress > Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMSWordPress.org

This goes without saying, WordPress.org is where you go to find the hub for developers, help forums, downloads, and all sorts or other resources. All of these resources are free to use and are a great place for you to start developing your WordPress website.



Website Hosting

Acorn Host | Friendly Green Web Hosting from Portland OregonAcorn Host

Acorn Host is based out of Portland, Oregon and is focused on being an environmentally conscious and friendly hosting company. They are our choice for website hosting as they have excellent customer service, uptime, and are based in the same city as we are. Their customer service works with you to quickly resolve any issues you may be having, they have always responded to us in less than an hour and calling them will get you a real person to talk to immediately.

Acorn Host costs slightly more than the competition but they more than make up for it in the service they provide and their “do good” attitude. They also feature non-profit and student plans, giving them the most competitive hosting prices and features for non-profits and students. If you are a small non-profit or student looking for hosting, use Acorn Host; they are cheaper and better than anyone else you’re going to find for you.

Acorn Host’s Website

Bluehost | Web Hosting, Domain Names, eCommerceBluehost

Bluehost has been a recommended hosting provider on WordPress.org since 2005! WordPress is invaluable web software (CMS) that allows you to create either a website or a blog (or both) in very little time. Install WordPress with a click of a button at Bluehost! WordPress is so accepted on the Web that search engines have special algorithms to catalog WordPress sites.

Bluehost is the best mass economy hosting company out there. If you’re just looking for a cheap and solid host, they should be your choice. They have a 99.99% uptime, which mean you’re pretty much always going to have your website up and running on their servers. They come with the downside of being a bit impersonal (they are one of the most popular hosting options after all), but you’re using one of the largest hosting companies out there.

Bluehost’s Website

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Who Are We?

The WordPress Tutorial

The WordPress Tutorial is a YouTube series and blog about WordPress best practices and how to set up your blog and harness the potential of a content management system like WordPress. We go through every step, starting with setting up your blog (including hosting, domain name servers, and all that technical information), going through the basics of installing a theme and plugins and making your very first post and page, and getting to the more complex parts of WordPress such as event plugins, search engine optimization, eCommerce, analytics, and more! We know that managing a website isn’t easy to do on your own, and we’re here to help. If we don’t cover what you need to know in a video or blog post, send us your question! We want to make sure everyone has the resources they need to build their online presence. With your permission we will make a video or a blog post about your question to make sure everyone has that information.


Behind the Curtains

Colwyn | Young adult and web technology expertColwyn Fritze-Moor | Owner + Chief Content Manager

Colwyn's LinkedIn Profile Colwyn's GitHub Profile

Colwyn is a young professional who has been online ever since his childhood and programming since he was a kid. On top of creating content and managing TheWordPressTutorial, he works as the Web and Technology Manager at Marketing Moxie developing websites with social media integration for clients, performing market and industry research, and handling any technology that comes through their door.

He has a knack for looking at complex problems and finding solutions quickly. That combined with his lifelong interest in science and mathematics has given him a strong base for developing websites and other forms of programming. He often goes above and beyond what is asked of him, making sure that everything he does looks and feels like a finished and polished product before sending it out the door.

You can view his work and web development portfolio here

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